Controlling the attacks of hunger really is a very difficult task, I tell you because I have experienced it, but in reality it is impossible, we should only pay attention to some tips that experts share with us so that we can solve that small problem.
It is for this reason that Orlando Jose Veloso explains how to control your hunger attacks with these simple tricks that we will mention below:
First of all, you must start by identifying the hunger that has given you, that is, many times we are not hungry and still choose some food to consume, doing it repeatedly a day, so, to improve this, it is necessary to learn to differentiate the level of hunger we have.
For this, we can make a small list of the levels of hunger that we can feel, where they are reflected level as, very hungry, anxious, quite hungry, with some hunger, without hunger but not full, full but wanting more, satisfied, uncomfortable for having eaten more, satisfied and heavy, and finally, on the list it should be placed that you have a stomachache so much that you have eaten.
Once you have this list at your fingertips, every time you want to go for a snack look for it and start studying the level you are in, this way you will learn to control your hunger attacks in the day because you will notice that in many occasions it is really not necessary to eat.
Secondly, Orlando Jose Veloso Angola always recommends us to drink glasses of water during the day to avoid hunger attacks, so when you feel hungry trying to drink a glass of water, the feeling of fullness will help you not to be tempted .
Thirdly, one of the most accurate tricks is to eat enjoying natural light, this is because sunlight increases the production of serotonin in our body, regulating mood and preventing our appetite from getting out of control. Didn't you know that, right? Well, now that you know it, start putting it into practice so that you notice the changes.
In the fourth room, we find that you should try to eat something hot, this is because it is scientifically proven that hot foods send more satiety signals to the body than cold ones, so start eating more dishes at warm temperature so that You start to see the changes in your body.
Fifth, we find the trick that we already know, which is to eat less more times a day, that is, what is recommended and what it should be, is to eat 5 times a day in small portions so that the metabolism works in an accelerated way and efficient
Orlando Veloso tells us that with this we can create a routine that controls our hunger attacks with the application of small tricks, and in addition to these, we can also take into account as many as, try to save the food so as not to see it every so often, chew slowly so that food provides satiety more immediately, use a large fork and small plate, go for a walk to regulate appetite and try to calm our nerves with the daily intake of different vitamins and minerals.