Why Google Maps could get a HUGE boost from iOS 14 upgrade

For example, when tapping on any address in the operating system loads-up Apple Maps – it takes real dedication to copy the address and navigate to Google Maps, paste the postcode and start navigating. With iOS 14, users could change the default in the Settings app and then tap on any address to head to their preferred navigation software. And that’s it.

According to Bloomberg sources, these changes “are still under discussion or early development” so could still change.

We’ll likely find out how those discussions went when Apple’s annual developer conference, known as WWDC, comes around in June. The conference, which is now so popular that Apple had to introduce a ballot system to prevent tickets selling out in a matter of minutes, allows developers to get access to Apple engineers and learn about new developments coming to iOS, macOS, iPadOS, tvOS and watchOS before the launch of the final versions in the autumn.

This helps developers make the necessary changes so there are no compatibility issues. Apple will likely offer a first-look at iOS 14 in June – and confirm whether you’ll be stuck with its default apps for another year, or whether you’ll be able to pick your favourite competitor.