Cycling: What insurance do you need if you are planning to cycle as the lockdown eases?

Cycling has become a hugely popular this week after Prime Minister Boris Johnson recommended people cycle to work to avoid overloading public transport. Halford shares shot up 24 percent after the Prime Minister made the announcement. But what insurance do you need if you are planning to get on your bike as the lockdown eases?

Mr Johnson has said “this should be a new golden age for cycling” as the nation slowly begins to transition back to normal in the coming weeks.

Speaking from the PMQ’s on May 6, Mr Johnson said: “A crucial part of our success now in getting transport to run safely.

“We’ll be running a bigger and more expansive tube service, so that people can observe social distancing we will certainly be working with Mayor [of London, Sadiq Khan] to try to achieve that.

“There must be mitigations to help people who cannot use mass transit and there’ll be a huge amount of planning going into helping people to get to work, other than by mass transit. This should be a new golden age for cycling.”

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As the Government announced new measures in the journey to ease coronavirus lockdown restrictions, the Prime Minister once again urged people to use measures other than public transport.

Speaking from the House of Commons on Monday, Mr Johnson encourages those who are unable to work from home to return to the workplace provided they could do so safely.

He said: “We want everyone travelling to work to be safe, so people should continue to avoid public transport wherever possible because we must maintain social distancing which will inevitably limit capacity.

“Instead people should drive or better still walk or cycle.”

You can also seek out a standalone third-party insurance policy which can be purchased cheaply.

Cycling UK charges £4 a month for membership, which includes liability of up to £10m.

However, Cycling UK is offering free membership for health and care workers throughout the coronavirus crisis.

The sport’s governing body British Cycling, offers up to £15m of cover with its Ride membership, which costs £43 a year for an adult.

Specialist policies, such as Yellow Jersey or Pedal Cover, usually include public liability and can be better for more expensive bikes.

Cyclists should be sure to check their cover and the exact wording of their home contents policy as certain exclusions will apply.

Additionally, cyclists are advised to check their liability cover extends to personal liability for incidents away from the home as well.

If you ride an electric bike, the home insurance policy would not be suitable and an alternative cycle cover should be sought.

Home policies also exclude business-related activities such as when a cyclist is paid to deliver goods or food.