Daily horoscope for October 18: YOUR star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast

Sunday’s horoscope finds the combination of four planets in particular creating a wonderfully interesting atmosphere as the weekend draws to a close. The day kicks-off with Venus forming an Opposes with Neptune.

An Opposition takes place when a planetary pair is directly across the Zodiac wheel from each other.

As a result of this aspect, it may probably be impossible not to notice what is absent from your life.

Now is consequently a good time to question whether your desires are what you really want.

So this cosmic combination may, for example, cause you to ask yourself whether you are in the right relationship for the long-term.

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Try and let any sorrows or longings you feel wash right over you in the later hours.

And rest assured, no matter how bleak it now at first, the Universe, as always, is listening.

Thankfully the Scorpio Moon is waiting in the wings to help with all of this comic energy.

Our lunar companion Sextiles Venus, Jupiter, Pluto, Saturn and Trines Neptune.

The Sextile is an aspect formed when planets are two signs or approximately 60 degrees distant.

Trine, conversely, are the favourable astrological aspect of two celestial bodies 120 degrees distant.

The overall astrological consensus is you should well be perfectly poised to know exactly what to dump and what to keep.