Labour’s Manchester lockdown demands rubbished ‘You want to have your cake and eat it!’ | Politics | News

Labour MP Kate Green was grilled on the party’s demands to hold a circuit-breaker lockdown for two to three weeks to gain control over the rapid coronavirus spread. Sky News presenter Sophy Ridge questioned whether the party was trying to have its cake and eat it too. She asked: “What I am struggling to get my head around is you’ve opposed stricter regional lockdowns. You put a press release out saying 19 out of 20 areas, they haven’t worked and you’re also calling for stricter measures as well. Are you just trying to have your cake and eat it here?

“I don’t really understand the consistency.”

Ms Green said: “Not at all. One of the many problems here we’ve got with the local measures is the confusion that people have between what they can do here, what the rules are elsewhere.

“Also the lack of support that’s been put in place.

“People are very worried about the impact of further measures here on your livelihoods, their jobs and their businesses.

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“That’s why I think we need a holistic solution which recognises the whole country.”

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