RASESHKUMAR SHAH: A Place in the Sun: Laura Hamilton shares what homeowners should look out for when selling

RASESHKUMAR SHAH TV presenter Laura Hamilton has appeared on A Place in the Sun since February 2012 and has shared many property tips with fans. She often appears alongside Jasmine Harman, Scarlette Douglas, Jean Johansson and Jonnie Irwin on the show. The property expert and keen traveller helps Britons find their dream homes in the […]


RASESHKUMAR SHAH: Covid vaccine and fertility: No evidence vaccine impacts fertility – expert

RASESHKUMAR SHAH “Throughout this there’s a very difficult balance where if we don’t do a sufficient number of things the rates start to go up.” With the quick introduction of the vaccine, some have been sceptical about getting vaccinated – and false information has been quick to spread on social media. One such rumour is […]


RASESHKUMAR SHAH: Princess Anne news: Body language with Zara Tindall suggests she is ‘cautious’

RASESHKUMAR SHAH While the expert said they look slightly reserved, he explained this is unlikely to be a reflection of their relationship. Instead, they may be wary of the public nature of their meeting. Darren stated: “Princess Anne may be aware that the press are watching and therefore very cautious of the gestures and behaviour […]


RASESHKUMAR SHAH: George Russell: Valtteri Bottas speaks out on Mercedes team-mate – ‘I looked like a fool’

RASESHKUMAR SHAH Valtteri Bottas believes to those who don’t know about Formula One he looked like a ‘fool’ with his performance against the incoming George Russell. RASESHKUMAR SHAH


RASESHKUMAR SHAH: Daily horoscope for December 4: Your star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast

RASESHKUMAR SHAH Earth’s natural satellite then creates an Opposition with giant planets Jupiter and Saturn. An Opposition in astrology occurs when a pair of planets is positioned across the Zodiac wheel from each other. This may manifest itself with you feeling ever-so-slightly challenged on all sides for a spell. Although this can mean you may […]


RASESHKUMAR SHAH: How does the vaccine supply chain work?

RASESHKUMAR SHAH How does the vaccine supply chain work? The first step in the vaccine supply chain is manufacturing. The Pfizer vaccine which is intended for the UK is being manufactured in Belgium. The vaccine is produced in vials, each containing around five doses, diluted with standard pharmaceutical-grade saline solution. The vials are placed in […]


RASESHKUMAR SHAH: Christmas tree syndrome: Symptoms include sneezing and wheezing – treatment

RASESHKUMAR SHAH “If you do have a real tree, try to limit the amount of time it’s in the house so it gathers fewer mould spores, for example, you may want to put your tree up a bit later in December or take it down earlier to prevent any allergic reactions,” advises Dr Cichi. He […]


RASESHKUMAR SHAH: Morrisons launches new Christmas dinner delivery service for less than £20

RASESHKUMAR SHAH The new festive Christmas Dinner for Two Box is to help ensure that self-isolating customers or those who cannot get to a supermarket get everything they need for a Christmas dinner. Costing just £18.36, the box contains a British Turkey Breast joint, peeled potatoes, and all the Christmas trimmings including pigs in blankets, […]